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Cocktail based on JBSpirit

A well known Swedish bartender has created a Cocktail based on JBSpirit.

Please find the recipe on How to enjoy JBSpirit

Bottle of Jonas Brocks Spirit behind a glas with a Bronck's Birch cocktail

Visited a costumer, a Michelinstar restaurant

Visited a costumer, Michelinstar Restaurant in Gothenburg, and ended a fabulous dinner with a glass of our Jonas Broncks Spirit.

A meny between two glasses on a dinner table

Some well known New Yorkers celebrated with us in our restaurant

Some well known New Yorkers were visiting Komstad / Sävsjö in 2014, as well as ~ 25 correspondents and journalists from all over the world to  celebrate the 375 years anniversary with us in our restaurant. 

Former Commissioner of NY, Brian G Andersson and the President of the  Bronx Chambers of Commerce, Lenny Caro, among many others.

Guest from the US in front of our bar holding a USA flag

Jiri Holasek serving Jonas Broncks Spirit

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